Aviation Colleges

Aviation Colleges:

Redstone Aviation Institute, (CA, CO)
Offers an Aviation Maintenance Technician Associate Degree, an Airframe Maintenance Technician Certificate and an Aircraft Power plant Technician Certificate.
Redstone Aviation Institute – (Denver, CO)
Redstone Aviation Institute – (Los Angeles, CA)


San Joaquin Valley College, (CA)
San Joaquin Valley College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program gives you the skills and technical knowledge to perform aircraft, airframe and powerplant overhaul. Hands-on training in the hangar includes maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting and repair of powerplant systems and components.


Crimson Technical College, (CA)
School offers an Airplane & Powerplant Certificate program.


Everglades University, (FL)


Hallmark College, (TX)
Hallmark College of Aeronautics will teach you Airframe & Powerplant and techniques required for the maintenance of aircraft through hands-on training and guided instruction.


Michigan Institute of Aeronautics, (MI)
At Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology you can get the skills and experience it takes to become a professional aviation maintenance technician, an approved FAA 147 school, where some of the best airframe and powerplant (A&P) mechanics are trained.
Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology –
Detroit (Belleville, MI)

Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology –
Northwest (New Boston, MI)


National Aviation Academy, (FL, MA)
National Aviation Academy (NAA) is a nationally recognized aviation maintenance training school. Hands-on programs can prepare you for certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in only 14 months.


New England Institute of Technology, (RI)


Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, (OK)

Andrews University (MI) (Aviation Flight, A&P Maintenance)

Auburn University (AL) (Aerospace Engineering)


Big Bend Community College (WA) (Aviation Maintenance, Pilot Training)

Broward Community College (FL) (Aviation Maintenance, Pilot Training)


California Polytechnic State University (CA) (Aerospace Engineering)


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (AZ, FL) (Aviation Training)


Florida Institute of Technology (FL) (Aerospace Engineering)
School of Aeronautics


Georgia Institute of Technology (GA) (Aerospace Engineering)


Illinois Institute of Technology (IL) (Aerospace Engineering)


Jacksonville University (FL) (Aviation Training)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA) (Aerospace Engineering)


Metropolitan State College of Denver (CO) (Aviation Training)


Minnesota State University, Mankato (MN) (Aviation)


Northland Community & Technical College (MN) (Aviation Maintenance)

Notre Dame (IN) (Aerospace Engineering)


Ohio State University (OH) (Aviation Training)


Oklahoma State University (OK) (Aviation Training)


Princeton University (NJ) (Aerospace Engineering).


Purdue University (IN) (Aviation Training)


San Jose State University (CA) (Aerospace Engineering)


Southern Illinois University Carbondale (IL) (Aviation Training)


Stanford University (CA) (Aeronautics, Astronautics)


St. Cloud State University Aviation (MN) (Aviation Training)


Texas A&M University (TX) (Aerospace Engineering)


Texas State Technical College
(TX) (Aviation, Maintenance, Pilot Training)


University of Central Florida (FL) (Aerospace Engineering)


University of Colorado Boulder (CO) (Aerospace Engineering)


University of Maryland (MD) (Aerospace Engineering)


University of Nebraska at Omaha (NE) (Aviation Training)


University of North Dakota (ND) (Aerospace Training)


University of Virginia (VA) (Aerospace Engineering)


University of Washington (WA) (Aeronautics, Astronautics)


Vaughn College of Aeronautics (NY) (Aviation Training)


Virginia Tech (VA) (Aerospace Engineering)


West Los Angeles College (CA) (Aviation Maintenance Training)


Western Michigan University (MI) (Aviation Training)


Western Nebraska Community College (NE) (Aviation Training)

West Virginia University (WV) (Aerospace Engineering)

College of Aeronautics