Airbus looks ahead to 2050 and beyond

Airbus 2050 interiorWith an eye on a more sustainable world, the company has provided a glimpse of the future with its new Concept Cabin, which was introduced prior to next week’s Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport in France.

Conceived as a new flying experience inspired by nature, the Concept Cabin doesn’t replicate traditional cabin classes found in today’s commercial aircraft.  Instead, it incorporates individual zones like the vitalising, interaction and smart-tech areas so passengers can hold business meetings, play games or just relax while enjoying the world beneath them – viewing it through the cabin’s bionic structure coated with a biopolymer membrane that eliminates the need for windows.

Organically-grown seats will sense passengers’ needs and adapt for the perfect fit, while furnishings in the cabin can clean and repair themselves as the result of advantages like dirt-repellent coatings and self-healing covers.

This technology, which is part of Airbus’ vision of aviation in 2050, follows last year’s unveiling of the Airbus Concept Plane – which featured technologies to reduce fuel burn, emissions, waste and noise. While the Airbus Concept Plane brings together technologies that unlikely are ever to coexist in this manner, it highlights the many features that could respond to the future needs of passengers and their planet.

With the technology and talent in place, Airbus believes air travel only will get better.

Airbus 2050 exterior

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